Hock Cutters

Feet & Hock Processing Equipment

Field-proven equipment for cutting hocks on broilers

Our Automatic Hock Cutter Model PHC-4 is a field proven method of cutting hocks on broilers as well as hens. Due to the simple design of few moving parts, the Hock Cutting system will give you continuous day-in, day-out precision-cutting performance. By use of a specially designed chain, the hock cutter automatically positions and severs the hock joint by nicking, disjointing and cutting the joint completely off or to the last tendon for auto rehanging.

Technical Specifications

Capacity:7,200 BPH
Installed Power:(3X) 2HP / 1.48 kw
Plumbing:2 x 3/8 in. / 54 mm water connection
Net Weight:900 lbs. / 408 kg
Gross Weight:1,300 lbs. / 590 kg
Crated Volume:144 ft cubed / 4.41 m cubed

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