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A powerful QC instrument for managing efficient deboning lines

Our YieldScan™ Rapid Frame Analyzer improves your deboning operations by giving you more frequent and more useful information – data you can use to improve line productivity and overall product yield.

Benefits & Features

Far better than relying merely on subjective evaluations or limited QC sampling done during a work shift and reported at a later time, with YieldScan you can accomplish so much more:

  • Increase the speed and frequency of QC tests done on your cone lines or automated debone lines – with frame analysis done in mere seconds.
  • Determine leading indicators of deboning performance in real-time, with QC data available to supervisors right on the plant floor near the processing lines.
  • Provide a common, standardized tracking method across various plants that also removes operator subjectivity.
  • Deliver better insights into the performance of manual deboning operators or automated deboning systems to help you manage your lines – and your employees – better.

Gain better performance insights with vision-based technology...

System Advantages

  • Monitoring your poultry debone operations in real time, on the plant floor
  • Increasing the speed and frequency of QC tests
  • Frame analysis is done in mere seconds
  • Establishing a standardized tracking method across lines and plants, removing operator subjectivity
  • Supporting both automated and manual deboning operations
  • Minimizing residual meat with more oversight leads to higher yields and rapid ROI 

Vision-Based Technology

Here’s the challenge: Too much meat yield is going to the MDM process to be sold as low-value product because deboning lines are leaving large amounts of usable meat on frames.

Here’s the solution: Harness the very latest vision-based scanning technology to monitor actual performance in real-time, giving you a visual analysis of a frame after the deboning process has occurred to determine areas of focus for process improvement.

How It Happens

  • With vision-based technology, as light passes from the illuminated YieldScan cone through the meat, there’s a direct relationship between the transmitted intensity (brightness) and the thickness of the meat.
  • Within mere seconds, the instrument is able to calculate how much residual meat is left on the front-half of the frame – revealing a trending number that can be used to guide process improvements.
  • The instrument also determines where the residual meat is located on the left versus right side of frames, helping you troubleshoot any performance problems in your process.

System Operation

The YieldScan system is easy and intuitive to operate, because it’s based on easy-to-use software and hardware:

  • A super-fast process – just a few seconds per frame observation is all it takes.
  • Frame size information, target value and other reference data are based on your own processing line characteristics are pre-loaded.
  • Data is managed wirelessly to your internal servers or on-board the instrument, with easy-to-use reporting capabilities.
  • An optional TV/stand enclosure enables real-time display of data for your operators working on a manual deboning line.
  • The robust hardware designed into the instrument is suitable for use on the plant floor near the processing lines.

Proof of the YieldScan system’s impressive performance is borne out in recent in-field equipment testing conducted at Fieldale Farms in Georgia.

Financial Impact

With the YieldScan Rapid Frame Analyzer, you have the power to do more than ever before:

  • Say goodbye to questionable evaluations based on too-small sample sizes
  • Rather than rely on the manual QC tests you do at the end of the shift, take action to correct problems immediately instead of discovering them hours later
  • Over time, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the percentage of meat left on the frame – driving these figures significantly lower than your company benchmarks
  • With YieldScan’s qualitative data, you’ll find you can evaluate your process more effectively and consistently from line-to-line and plant-to-plant

YieldScan lets you see differences in the percentage of residual meat left on frames in “real time,” for immediate corrective action. The YieldScan’s residual weight data along with left and right percentages from cone lines and automated debone lines are communicated to plant or corporate operations, along with the display of easy-read “dashboard” color-coded upper and lower limits (green / yellow / red).

With YieldScan backing you up, you can also inspire healthy competition between workers on manual deboning teams – or react quickly to leading indicators of equipment trends on automated deboning lines.

The Financial Impact Really Adds Up

What are improved annual yields from your deboning operation worth to you? A 1/4%, 1/2% or 1% increase in yield could mean a half million dollars or more on your financial bottom line.

... And that just might be the low end of the added annual revenues you can expect to harvest when you put YieldScan to work for you!

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