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Cantrell•Gainco and Borncut Sign Distributor Agreement for Selling Precision Portion Cutting Machinery in the United States

November 20, 2019


Gainesville, GA, November 21, 2019 – Bettcher Industries, Inc. and Cantrell•Gainco Group announces that they have set up a sales and marketing agreement with Borncut A/S, a developer and manufacturer of high-speed, precision portioning equipment based in Roenne, Denmark.

According to the agreement, Bettcher and Cantrell•Gainco have been named authorized distributors of Borncut portion cutting machinery in the United States. Borncut portion cutters employ advanced laser and vision technology to calculate and make precise cuts of poultry, meat and fish items at exact weights – quickly, accurately and consistently. With Borncut portion cutters, finished products have consistent weights according to user-set specifications, thereby eliminating product giveaway while ensuring that food consumers each receive the same-weight serving portion.

Thanks to Borncut’s unique equipment design which incorporates a high-resolution 250 Hz camera, advanced servo-technology, a precise laser system plus advanced software for calculating the product density and converting the product data to cutting specs, the portion cutter is capable of handling its tasks with unprecedented speed and precision. Software is programmed to portion poultry items in the most optimum way. Once the product has been scanned, the computer instantly calculates how to cut the product and the machine proceeds to portion the pieces – all of which remain precisely within the specifications set by the processor.

The Borncut portion cutter features a large user-friendly multi-touch screen that helps guide the operator through the portioning steps. The system also includes a simulation function, which – based on previous historical production data – can assist the operator in setting up the optimum cutting pattern. These yield-optimizing machines are ideal for portioning cuts of red meat, poultry and seafood, including chicken breast portions and fish fillets. Single- and dual-lane models are offered to accommodate each processing line’s speed and capacity requirements.

Cantrell•Gainco is spearheading the sales and marketing of Borncut portioning equipment to U.S. poultry processing customers, while Bettcher is responsible for the seafood processing segment of the business.

For more information about Borncut precision portion cutting equipment, click here.

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