Bird Indexing

Cutup Portioning Equipment

Introducing the fast and clean bird indexing system

Our Bird Indexing systems sever the back skin of the bird that has been halved by the halving machine.

Benefits & Features

The positive position and the infeed of both the front and back half guarantee the shackle will not drag back or cause a missed cut. Proper timing of the product to the machine is assured by the direct driven overhead conveyor.

Additionally, the bird indexer can be set to distribute birds at different drop stations on the same halving line.

Manufactured of stainless steel and polymer, the Bird Indexing system needs little maintenance except for occasional greasing of the bearings plus blade sharpening.

Can distribute birds at different drop stations...

Technical Specifications

Power:Driven by overhead
Capacity:9,000 BPH
Position in Line:After bird halver
Rotation:Determined by facing back of bird
Width:Max. 34 in. / 864 mm.
Length:Max. 45 in. / 1,143 mm.
Height:30 in. / 726 mm.

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