Anritsu DualX Inspection Systems

Foreign Materials Inspection Equipment

Foreign Material X-ray Inspection Equipment - delivering the best foreign material detection anywhere!

The new DualX inspection system from Anritsu offers unsurpassed detection of high-density foreign material, including small bone fragments. Built on Anritsu's groundbreaking, field-proven original model, the DualX gives you the best detection capability available in the industry, along with a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Benefits & Features

With the unsurpassed detection capabilities of the DualX system, you can easily find and remove items like wishbones, scapula and fan bones, in addition to metal fragments and more

Noteworthy design features of the DualX include:

  • Long-life components, including an X-ray tube and detector that have an expected life of two years or longer, based on typical operating parameters.
  • A user interface that's designed for easy product setup and adjustment, along with offering multilingual communications.
  • An open-frame design including sloped surfaces, sealed welds and sealed hygienic belting for thorough drainage and cleanability.

Delivers the best detection ever along with a lower total cost of ownership...

System Advantages

With its user-friendly interface, the DualX is designed for easy setup and operation that includes making adjustments during processing, and keeping your production line running smoothly and without delays.

What's more, the DualX is built to really last. Super-durable components, plus a rugged open-frame design for high-pressure IP69K washdown cleaning ensure that you'll get maximum life from your DualX system.

With so much functionality and practicality designed right in, you'll also find that the DualX system will reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) in raw meat X-ray detection by as much as 50% per year! That's something no other system of its kind can deliver.

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