AccuFill® Bulking/Indexing System

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Powerful, high-volume indexing solutions for processors

Our AccuFill® Bulking and Indexing Systems are proven to deliver bulk packing applications so effective, most have six-month or shorter payback periods. They provide an advanced hygienic design, accuracy and labor savings in one powerful, high-volume system.

Benefits & Features

Whether you choose our single, dual or triple bulker systems, indexing bulking systems, or our legal-for-trade LFT bulkers, you'll find that our capabilities cover the full range of your fresh or frozen meat processing applications – chicken, turkey, pork and beef.

Applications for the AccuFill system for chicken include leg quarters, whole legs, fronts, whole birds, breasts (bone-in or boneless), wings, and thighs (bone-in or boneless).

Applications for turkey include drums, wings, thighs, and lobes.

Capable of handling any fresh or frozen meat processing application

System Advantages

  • High return on investment and quick payback period
  • Reduced produce "giveaway"
  • Labor savings – at least one operator per shift for most applications
  • Higher volumes achieved than with manual labor alone
  • Multiple delivery options, including specialty boxes and export size containers
  • A small equipment footprint
  • Low installation cost with "plug and play" capabilities

Reduced Giveaway

  • "Auto-zero" software automatically adjusts for any product accumulation on the hopper surface, thus ensuring accuracy.
  • Upper/lower target weight thresholds prevent an operator from completing a batch until the target weight has been reached.
  • Our load cell design reduces vibration for unsurpassed accuracy.

Labor Savings

  • AccuFill reduces labor up to 50% by automating the flow and gross batching of your product, enabling more pounds of production per labor hour.
  • Our Gainco Infiniti® controller provides immediate weight feedback so operators can quickly reach their target batch weight.

Increased Throughput

  • Operators can process up to 25,000 pounds per manned station per hour.
  • Our system design allows for batching and buffering products to maintain a constant flow and maximize throughput.
  • Our load cell design allows batches to settle quickly for faster cycle rates.
  • Optional dimpled steel hoppers allow "sticky" product to flow more easily to maintain fast processing cycles.

Accurate Measuring

AccuFill bulking systems give you the accuracy you need to precisely measure and manage your processing operation:

  • Our Gainco Infiniti® Plus programmable controller delivers the industry's best performance and durability among weight indicators.
  • Reporting tools capture data such as pounds, number of cases and average case weight.
  • Supervisors can stay abreast of production information in real time, as it happens.
  • Production data can be transmitted to any database of ERP system (RF, WiFi, Ethernet connectivity) ... and fully integrates with Gainco's optional proprietary data management system, too.

Easy Maintenance

AccuFill indexing bulking systems aren't just easy to install. They're easy to maintain as well:

  • All models are designed in conformity with AMI sanitary principles.
  • The open-frame design saves labor during washdown operations, allowing for faster, deeper cleaning while reducing chemical and hot water usage.
  • Fewer replacement parts make our systems easier and less costly to service, too.

Standard Bulkers

Whether you choose our single, dual or triple bulker systems at 40 or 70 pounds, you'll find that Cantrell•Gainco bulker capabilities cover the full range of your fresh or frozen meat processing applications – chicken, turkey, pork and beef.

We also offer a range of equipment options to ensure you get the very best, most effective bulking system for your plant. Options like:

  • Mobility kits for roll-in/roll-out functionality
  • Product mix options to process two products in a batch
  • Manual bypass for weight-making flexibility
  • Line control kits for stopping/starting infeed conveyors
  • Dimpled stainless steel hoppers to handle tacky or sticky products
  • Trim ledge
  • Diverters
  • Product funnels
  • Stainless steel roller top in place of PVC
  • Flat table in place of PVC roller top
  • Data scale interface for case labeling

Indexing Bulkers

High throughput, reduced labor and robust design.

AccuFill® indexing bulking systems deliver highly efficient and effective automation of bulk packing applications. They’re ideal for the full range of fresh or frozen poultry and meat processing applications, making them your best choice for automated bulk packing needs.

AccuFill indexing bulkers are so effective, most systems have six-month or shorter payback periods, making them a "no-brainer" when deciding to invest in the equipment.

The many performance advantages you attain with our indexing bulkers include:

  • Reduced product "giveaway" with a dual load cell design that allows batches to settle quickly, along with "auto-zero" software that automatically adjusts for product accumulation on the hopper surface for superior weighing accuracy
  • A constant flow of product is maintained to maximize throughput
  • Optional dimpled steel hoppers allow tacky or sticky product to flow more easily
  • Automatic bulk-filling and indexing result in labor savings
  • Higher throughput capacity – up to 1,440 pounds-per-minute
  • From 8 up to 20 cycles per minute with the NEW triple system
  • Lower installation costs are achieved with "plug and play" capabilities
  • Efficient bulk packing for a variety of containers, including 22 lb., 40 lb., 70 lb., and 33 lb. export boxes
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Maintenance-friendly, along with easy accessibility for service

Application-specific Designs

In the poultry and meat industry, "one size" does not fit all. That's why we offer a range of indexing bulking configurations and options to meet the specific needs of each plant:

  • Multiple configurations include single, dual and triple systems ... knuckle chain conveyors with pop-up gates or flighted belt conveyors
  • The ability to accommodate your specific bulking requirements – boxes, totes, etc.
  • Adjustable lower and upper limits along with weight setpoints
  • The ability to easily integrate the indexing bulking system with your existing material handling equipment
  • The triple indexer has conveyor control on the control panel
  • Emergency stops

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