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Precision and productivity from superior belt grading technology

AccuSizer™ belt grader/classifier systems from Cantrell•Gainco are designed to meet all of your product sizing and batching needs. These belt sizers, with their user-friendly interfaces, advanced weighing technology and robust rugged platform, help processors do just that.

Benefits & Features

The AccuSizer system provides grading and sizing at speeds up to 180 portions per minute, depending on your product’s size. Combining this degree of speed and pinpoint accuracy results in healthier profits showing up on your bottom line.

Whether your needs are for whole chickens or turkeys, turkey lobes, seafood products, ribs or other cuts of meat, there’s sure to be an AccuSizer solution that’s ideal for you.

In a class all its own...

System Advantages

  • Improved weighing accuracy and significantly reduced product "giveaway."
  • Gentle handling of your product.
  • Substantially higher volumes than with manual labor alone.
  • Real-time process reporting.
  • Maintenance-friendly equipment that allows for easy-access servicing.
  • Low installation cost.
  • High return on investment and a quick payback period.

How It Works

AccuSizer™ belt grader/classifier systems are engineered to speed up the process of classifying poultry, meat and seafood products through automation, precision accuracy and gentle handling.

When it comes to how our systems work, it’s the little design details that set them apart. Here are just a few of the reasons why they run so accurately and perform so well:

  • Completely accurate counting is assured via the use of laser technology for faster product detection prior to weighing, which prevents "false" weighs from occurring.
  • Load cells are completely sealed in a welded stainless steel housing specially designed to withstand the rigors of meat and poultry processing operations, while also delivering advanced speed, precision and data communications.
  • An auto-tare feature ensures weighing accuracy by continuously updating the weigh belt tare weight to compensate for scrap buildup on the belt links. Special "auto-zero" software fine-tunes weighing accuracy by automatically compensating for load cell drift as well as any scrap buildup.


With AccuSizer systems, you get all the information you need to manage your operations with skill and ease:

  • The touchscreen interface with graphical displays is easy to understand.
  • You have the power to control each bin by individual piece weight range, count, and batch size.
  • You have instant ability to change weight and distribution parameters, or batch information.
  • The ability to communicate a continuous stream of data in real time helps simplify your reporting.


Our product classifier systems are engineered to take all the shocks and hard knocks of daily operations in meat, poultry and seafood processing plants. Here's how:

  • The system's hygienic open-frame design in the food contact area improves the effectiveness of chemical washdown procedures while preventing water from pooling and bacteria from collecting.
  • Likewise, infeed, weighing and outfeed units are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance checks.
  • Specially designed pivoting outfeed chutes improve cleanability and servicing.
  • All electronics are housed in a highly protective IP69K-rated enclosure.


In the meat processing industry, "one size" doesn't fit all. That's why we offer the maximum degree of flexibility in our AccuSizer™ belt grader/classifier systems so that they’re the perfect match for your processing and operational requirements.

System flexibility means:

  • Our modular equipment designs use standardized, readily available, easily-replaceable components.
  • Multiple bin configurations are available to tailor your design for the specific needs of your processing line.
  • A customizable outfeed design allows the system to match your particular plant configuration.
  • Dual-lane configurations are available for high-volume applications.
  • A robust control package enables you to treat multiple classifier lines as one line.

Single- and Dual-Line Systems

AccuSizer systems are available in single- and dual-line models.

Single-line models:

  • 9" Single Lane Belt Grader (Model 2500)
  • 12" Single Lane Belt Grader (Model 2503)
  • 15" Single Lane Belt Grader (Model 2506)
  • 18" Single Lane Belt Grader (Model 2504)
  • 24" Single Lane Belt Grader (Model 2505)

Dual-line models:

  • 9" Dual Lane Belt Grader (Model 2507)
  • 12" Dual Lane Belt Grader (Model 2508)
  • 15" Dual Lane Belt Grader (Model 2511)
  • 18" Dual Lane Belt Grader (Model 2509)
  • 24" Dual Lane Belt Grader (Model 2510)

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