Safety Separation Partitions


Protect Your Production Workers with Safety Partitions

In these times of heightened workplace health concerns, Cantrell•Gainco introduces safety separation partitions that are perfect for many types of processing line equipment and systems. Preserve visibility and sightlines while providing protection and separation for your workers.

Dividers shaded blue for illustration purposes.

Benefits & Features

Constructed of a highly durable, washdown-safe engineered polymer materials and stainless steel, the size, shape and length of our safety partitions can be made to fit different equipment requirements.

  • ¼” Clear Lexan® material is offered standard … with other options available
  • Partitions are hung with rubber grommets
  • Partition size and shape can be modified to fit different equipment requirements
  • Custom separator options are also available, including flexible curtain dividers

The flat-bar hanging rail on each partition is made of durable, washdown-safe stainless steel.

  • Hangers are slidable on the rail for custom spacing
  • Hangers lift or remove easily for washdown sanitation
  • Available in different lengths depending on your requirements

Extra-durable construction … far-reaching functionality


Our safety separation partitions can be installed on many types of processing line equipment, such as:

  • Poultry cone lines
  • Wing segmenters
  • Trim/debone lines
  • Workstations and tables
  • Other OEM equipment

Technical Specifications

Divider Material Options:1/4' Clear Lexan® (standard offering)
FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic)
Solid White UHMW (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene)
Stainless Steel
Standard Hanger:Stainless Steel, 13.5' x 13.5'
Support Brackets:1/4' Stainless Steel

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