Service and Maintenance

Prompt, cost-effective service that improves yield performance

At Cantrell•Gainco, we recognize that proper maintenance and service is the key to getting long-term productive use out of your equipment and achieving lowest long-term costs.


We provide comprehensive parts, service and support for all of our equipment – including those of our OEM partners. Our factory-trained technicians can provide in-field and remote support to poultry processing facilities across the country.

In addition to providing support on an as-needed basis or under a service agreement, we offer precision scale calibration services.

Our service agreements save you money...

Service Agreements

In addition to providing service and support on an as-needed basis, Cantrell•Gainco offers scale calibration services along with flexible service agreements covering remote diagnostics, planned/preventive maintenance and periodic checkups.

With a Cantrell•Gainco service agreement, your operations will receive cost-effective support and maintenance when compared to a la carte service -- while your service orders will be given the highest level of priority attention.

Our service agreements are configured to meet your individual requirements and specifications. These are some of the key benefits our service plans deliver:

  • Planned, scheduled visits to your plant facilities, while reducing the risk of unexpected equipment or processing line breakdowns
  • The capability to view your equipment's diagnostics remotely, if desired
  • Continuous training of your personnel
  • Having all parts readily available to ensure continuous high-level performance and optimizing the service life of your equipment
  • Flexible payment options for planning and budgeting, along with predictable maintenance expenditures that align with your production cycle

Flexible tiered service programs at various time frames are offered.

Planned Maintenance ... Preventive Maintenance Packages

Planned maintenance aims to prevent unwelcome equipment or processing line failures from occurring. Its goal is to support your operations in several important ways:

  • Controlling maintenance costs
  • Maximizing equipment uptime while minimizing the risk of unscheduled equipment
  • Achieving optimal performance from your equipment

Preventive maintenance packages are another Cantrell•Gainco service offering that is a valuable component of product lifecycle management. The maintenance schedule defines when parts will need to be replaced, while the preventive maintenance package is custom-designed for you based on timely, comprehensive and validated maintenance knowledge.

Training Your Staff

Our factory-trained, highly experienced technicians can provide training for your operators scheduled at agreed-upon intervals, covering topics like proper operation, effective cleaning and sanitation, and common troubleshooting.

We offer technical support in both English and Spanish for troubleshooting problems in the field.