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Choosing the best inspection system is critical to meeting the ever-stricter food quality standards of the world’s leading poultry and meat processors. That’s why Cantrell•Gainco is an authorized distributor for Anritsu X-ray detection equipment, a leading technological powerhouse in the industry.

Benefits & Features

Detection Taken Further

Anritsu X-ray detection systems are the market’s proven performers, with more than 10,000 installed globally. They’re the most accurate systems you can install in your facility.

Consider these key capabilities you get when you choose an Anritsu X-ray inspection system for your plant:

  • Automatic detection of bone, metal, wire, glass, stone – all with one system
  • Product weight calculations via “virtual weighing” technology
  • Detection of stainless steel as small as 0.5mm
  • Easy maintenance and tool less belt removal

All Anritsu case inspection systems are compatible with the QuiCCA Overall Quality Control and Management System.

The most accurate x-ray detection systems you can install in your facility...

System Advantages

Anritsu’s system goes beyond any other equipment in terms of detection accuracy, ease of use, reliability and worry-free peace of mind.

Now you can take your QC and HACCP programs well beyond just metal detection by targeting the elimination of other dangerous foreign matter in a high-speed production environment.

Dual X Inspection

For raw, unpackaged products, Anritsu has introduced the Dual X Inspection System. What makes this dual energy X-ray inspection system so noteworthy? Here are just a few of its many notable qualities:

  • It harnesses new, industry-leading technology to deliver an extremely accurate, high-speed reading of poultry and meat products at a great value.
  • It’s unique in how it analyzes two different X-ray energy signals, allowing the system to distinguish between the product you’re processing and contaminants – for a higher detection rate of items like wishbones, scapula and fan bones, along with metal fragments and more.
  • It's the ideal system for chicken and turkey breast meat, deboned thighs and tenders.
  • It’s engineered for an attractively low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Click here to read more about the powerful performance benefits of the new Dual X system. 

Pipeline Inspection

For pumpable product, Anritsu offers the Pipeline X-ray Inspection System available in 3- and 4-inch pipe diameters.

It's the perfect choice for detection of contaminants in pumpable products such as poultry trim and first-grind meat of all types. This powerful equipment is capable of processing literally tons of product per hour — as much as eight tons, in fact!

Anritsu has the most effective pipeline system for detecting bone, metal, glass, stone and other materials. It can detect poultry bones as small as 2mm and stainless steel as small as 0.5mm.

Moreover, with a pre-set memory capability sufficient to handle up to 100 separate recipes, it’s highly versatile and flexible for plants processing a variety of different products.

Case Inspection

For case inspection, Anritsu provides a wide belt and maximum sensitivity.

This system is used for comprehensive inspection and quality checks on large cartons and cases of meat.

This system is optimized for variable sizes, including large cases up to a maximum width of 23 inches (590mm) and a maximum height of 10 inches (250mm). The system can also accommodate cartons, cases, and bags containing multiple small packs, all while maintaining industry leading sensitivity.

Packaged Product

For packaged product, Anritsu offers the XR75 System with advanced long-life technology. It provides heightened sensitivity at reduced energy levels, lowers the cost of ownership, and extends life cycles.

  • The low-output generator reduces heat generation, eliminating the need for a cooling system and resulting in a 30% reduction in power consumption.
  • Overall, the XR75 X-ray inspection system can reduce lifetime operating costs by more than 20%.

The system is optimized for sealed packages, including small cartons up to a maximum width of 15 inches (390mm) and a maximum height of 8 inches (220mm).

The system also accommodates cartons, cases, and bags containing multiple small packs – all while maintaining industry-leading detection sensitivity.

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