Cantrell•Gainco Group

An Integrated Company … with a Heritage that Dates Back Decades

Cantrell Machine Company and Gainco, Inc. joined forces in 2019, combining their market-proven strength and expertise to create a single company that offers more customer options than ever before.

Increased Yields

We deliver the increased yields and productivity today’s meat, poultry and seafood processing firms seek. Whether it’s a new machine, a new system, or an entire processing line, our Georgia-based team of technical specialists are ready to build the best, most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Increased yields and productivity ...


Your Dependable Ally in Poultry, Meat and Seafood Processing

You can count on Cantrell•Gainco to be your dependable partner in the drive to increase product yields, quality and safety based on improving, measuring, reporting and optimizing poultry, meat and seafood processing operations.

  • Our technologically advanced equipment and systems increase your product yields – and your financial bottom line.
  • We ensure the utmost food safety so you’ll obtain the highest possible price for your products – and keep your reputation pristine as well.
  • Our measuring, monitoring and information-reporting technologies drive corrective actions, labor savings, and process line improvements by giving you accurate, real-time information.
  • Through our own technologies and those of our partners, we provide the vision and the plan – along with advice and support that’s focused, flexible and fast – so that each project initiative runs smoothly and without delays.


Support … Right from the Beginning

  • Start Off Right: Improving your process requires making many crucial decisions. We offer expert guidance and support every step of the way.
  • Meticulous Planning: We’ll help you plan your project – from specifying the proper equipment to designing the flow, implementation, installation and after-sales support.
  • Technical Advice and Assistance: We’re at-the-ready to provide advice and assistance, helping you avoid costly downtime and ensuring good operating conditions.
  • Quick and Easy Equipment Installation: Our technical teams ensure quick and trouble-free installation in any plant environment.
  • Support You Can Count On: We offer extensive support to ensure that you have the correct technical advice. We also offer service packages designed to fine-tune your operation for success.
  • Spare Parts Ordering and Delivery: We keep a full range of spare parts in inventory and available for immediate shipment.

Company History

A Brief History of Cantrell•Gainco Group

Cantrell Machine Company and Gainco, Inc. joined forces in 2019, combining their market-proven strength and expertise to create a single company that offers more customer options than ever before. Both companies have Northeast Georgia roots and have been based in Gainesville for several decades.


Cantrell was founded in 1972 as a U.S. firm devoted to supporting poultry processors improve their plant operations and effectiveness. Beginning in 2008, when industry veterans Tony Rice and Dane Woods acquired the company, Cantrell established a well-earned reputation for quality in evisceration equipment along with killing/picking equipment, wing segmenters and vacuum transport systems. 

Cantrell also built a significant precision machining business, along with supplying replacement parts for a wide range of poultry processing equipment and brands – a service that continues strong today.


Gainco was established in 1984 as Gainesville Scales. At first, the company had a regional focus, with equipment emphasis in the early years focused on whole bird sizing and distribution systems. In 1999, a new chapter began when the company became a member of the Bettcher family of companies. With a legacy of innovation that dates from 1944, Bettcher is a leading name in the meat processing industry. It’s pioneering trimming and cutting products are used in processing plants throughout the world. 

Beginning in 1999, Gainco expanded its reputation for meat yield optimization solutions and systems for weighing, inspection, trimming and deboning applications, broadening its solutions to encompass red meat and seafood in addition to poultry. 

The company became recognized for its metal fabrication capabilities as well.

Combined Expertise … Combined Strengths

The two firms coming together in 2019 created opportunities to complement and expand the range of equipment and expertise available to customers., including an expanding array of systems and solutions for pork, beef and seafood processors. The combined staff is made up of employees who are subject-matter experts in their fields of expertise, and who work with customers to come up with the most efficient and cost-effective system solutions. The fact that engineering and manufacturing are done in the United States means that customized design and engineering happen quickly and with maximum flexibility.

In addition to our own USA-designed and manufactured equipment, Cantrell•Gainco also maintains relationships with other leading equipment manufacturers, making even more solutions available to customers. 

High yields … high productivity … faster lead times … lower cost of ownership: It’s a powerful combination of capabilities, and poultry processors reap the benefits.

OEM Partners

At Cantrell•Gainco, our proven record of industry expertise has enabled us to forge close working relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

These manufacturers and the close collaboration we have with them enable us to bring you better customer solutions based on the best equipment the industry has to offer – proven effective the world over.


Food processing at its best

Fortifi creates value for customers, society, and investors.

Fortifi is here to do one big thing very well. A relentless focus on better food processing solutions makes Fortifi single minded and globally present. That’s why Fortifi can visualize and deliver full-lifecycle automation solutions for the entire food industry.

Fortifi offers every aspect of the advanced technology necessary to set up a process and automate a plant. But their ultimate resource is the ability to understand what their customers need and to solve their real problems. Whether that requires tools, machines, or a complete plan, Fortifi is ready.

Global Locations

~2K Employees

33 Sites Worldwide

17 Factories Worldwide

15 Countries

Our Purpose

Fortifi automated solutions transform the food processing industry with sustainable operational efficiency. As a leading strategic partner, we further our capabilities through strategic investment and prioritizing an employee and customer-driven culture. We prioritize innovation and safety while we create value for customers, society and investors.

Why Fortifi

  • We’re solely focused on food solutions.
  • We’re a global presence in every aspect of automated food processing solutions.
  • We provide all the pieces and make them work together.

Fortifi handles all aspects of food processing automation.

  • Identify early-phase needs.
  • Design entire plants.
  • Provide machines and tools.
  • Install and commission lines.
  • Provide field service.
  • Retrofit existing lines.

We’re with our customers at every step of the process and every stop on the line.

Why Fortifi? Why Now?An epidemic of food waste, outdated manufacturing processes, and a lack of production efficiency hold the world's food supply hostage. Optimized food processing boosts high-quality yields while it improves safety, consistency, and sustainability. Automation speeds up output, spares employees from tedious and dangerous work, and offsets the ebb and flow of the workforce.

Automation increases industry safety

Without automated efficiency, the incident rate in the food manufacturing sector

  • 50% higher than the industry average
  • 3x higher than in more advanced production industries

Automation helps meet the demand for food

  • World population will grow to 9 billion by 2037.
  • Inefficient food production increases healthful food costs by $1.50 per day.

Automation is good for the environment

  • Nearly 1/3 of all consumable food is wasted or lost, enough to feed 3 billion people.
  • 26% of global greenhouse gases stem from food production.

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