Gizzard Inspection System

Gizzard Giblet Processing Equipment

Gizzard inspection systems for optimizing yield

Our Gizzard Inspection System is designed with superior operation, low maintenance and optimum yield in mind.

Benefits & Features

Requiring only two operators to handle a capacity of 360-plus gizzards per minute, the Gizzard Inspection System will reduce the amount of man power needed for standard inspection stations. Utilization of the Double Stack Peeler Station in conjunction with our Rework Conveyor allows for higher capacity for each peeler rework station operator.

Our Gizzard Inspection System incorporates a water separation capability that vastly reduces the amount of transport water remaining on the inspection belt. Each Peeler Station is equipped with a removable hinged cover, and the stations themselves can be removed when needed.

Higher capacity with reduced manpower...

Technical Specifications

Power:2 HP (1X), 1 HP (2X), 3/4 HP (2X)
Capacity:360+ Gizzards per minute
Water Connections:1/2 NPT and 1/4 NPT
Width:65 in. / 1,651 mm.
Length:14 ft. 4 in. / 4,420 mm.
Height:80 in. / 2,032 mm.

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