Murzan Pumps

Gizzard Giblet Processing Equipment

High-performing double diaphragm pumps

The Murzan Pump is one of a few pumps specifically engineered for use in harsh meat and poultry processing environments.

Benefits & Features

The Murzan Pump can easily handle gizzards, hearts, necks, feet and other solids. It is available in a 2", 3" or 4" configuration depending on your pumping requirements.

Our double diaphragm pump offers variable flow and discharge pressure and can pump up to 240 gallons per minute. There are no packing glands, close-fitting, sliding or rotating parts to maintain. Moreover, the air valve assembly is anti-stalling, non-icing and lubrication free.

The equipment is constructed entirely of stainless steel and food grade polymer to offer years of reliable, economical service.

Providing years of efficient, trouble-free performance...

Technical Specifications

Model:2 in.3 in.4 in.
Capacity:Hearts, livers, and gizzards up to 2 NELS linesNecks and paws up to 2 NELS linesNecks and paws up to 2 NELS lines
Air connection:1/4 in. @ 50 PSI1/4 in. @ 50 PSI1/4 in. @ 50 PSI
Width:32 3/4 in. / 832 mm.32 3/4 in. / 832 mm.32 3/4 in. / 832 mm.
Depth:18 in. / 457 mm.18 in. / 457 mm.18 in. / 457 mm.
Height:33 in. / 838 mm.33 in. / 838 mm.33 in. / 838 mm.

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