Vacuum Transport Systems


Long-lasting, Ultra-reliable Vacuum Transport Systems from Cantrell•Gainco

Our state-of-the-art vacuum transport systems for edible and non-edible products are proven systems – installed in plants throughout North America. When you compare our systems against competitor offerings, you'll find ours to be longer-lasting -- and the ones with the most reliable performance record. Our solutions include vacuum transport systems for handling edible products and non-edible products, as well as plant systems.

Benefits & Features

You'll get the ultimate in reliable performance with a vacuum transport system from Cantrell•Gainco. All designs, materials and components are engineered for long-life durability while avoiding costly downtime.

  • Versatility -- Each vacuum system is custom-engineered to meet your particular needs. Whether you're moving product in places where conveyors aren't an option or transporting product to a completely separate facility, we have the design solutions to optimize your operations.
  • Automation -- When it comes to introducing new components to reduce labor and maintenance costs, we're constantly innovating -- and that includes supporting large, complex vacuum transport systems.

With our wastewater treatment systems, you’ll lower your BOD wastewater levels while eliminating the risks and costs of contamination entering public waterways – all while reducing your water consumption from transport and cleaning, too.

Best-in-class design also means that our hygienic, HMI-controlled continuous systems are easy to operate and are self-cleaning.

As for labor usage, there’s no more pushing bins around the plant. Our vacuum transport systems do the job consistently, cost-effectively, efficiently and hygienically!

Each Cantrell•Gainco vacuum transport system comes with:

  • Touchscreens with graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Multi-hopper pulls
  • Easily accessible filters

The most reliable and long-lasting systems...

System Advantages

  • Field-proven design, performance and longevity
  • Completely customizable systems (including multi-hopper pulls)
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Easy installation … easy maintenance
  • Exceptional wastewater quality control and risk management

Vacuum System Types

We design and deliver vacuum transport system to handle a wide range of products and functions:

Edible Product Systems

• Whole wings • Wing parts • Paws • Backs • Breast shells • Trim meat • Necks

Non-Edible Product Systems

Picking Room:

• Feet • Shanks • Heads

Evisceration Room:

• Oil sacs • Internal organs • Necks and neck skins • Viscera packs and guts • Floor waste • Cropper waste

Further Processing:

• Breast frames • Leg bones • Thigh bones • Wing tips • Tails • Backs • Skin • Floor waste

Plant Vacuum Systems

• Final control machinery • Lung guns • Cropper vacuum • Venting machine vacuum • Fat pullers • Pick-and-place machinery

Our Experience

Our many decades of experience includes a strong track record of developing and perfecting various vacuum transport technologies. Simply put, every Cantrell•Gainco system is guaranteed to work. Moreover, our systems are capable of transporting product longer and farther than most competitor systems are able to deliver. Our control systems are also superior to the competition.

Success You Can Measure

Cantrell•Gainco, your dependable ally in increasing product yields, quality and safety

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