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Worry-free, long-life performance from proven weighing system technology

DuraWeigh® heavy-duty bench scales and floor scales are specially engineered for harsh washdown environments in food processing plants. The robust design of these NTEP-certified bench-top scales solves performance deficiencies such as calibration inaccuracies and lack of durability.

Benefits & Features

Compare the DuraWeigh® scales against the competition. Here are just some of the important design benefits you'll get when you purchase one of our scales:

  • Welded, open-frame stainless steel construction (7-gauge, 300 series)
  • Weigh platter incorporates a splash-guard to prevent product from slipping off the scale. It also aids in better positioning for the most accurate scale reading
  • Open corners on the scale base provide complete drainage and better sanitation
  • Environmentally protected stainless steel load cells with compression overload stops
  • Easy access to all “smart” components

Easy to Clean — Easy to Maintain

The design of DuraWeigh® heavy-duty scales simplifies and improves sanitation and maintenance procedures:

  • The weigh platter lifts off for easy cleaning (and requires no tools).
  • Open back and base corners allow for deep cleaning and prevent pooling of water.

Engineered for harsh washdown environments...

System Advantages

  • Water-resistant construction reduces lifetime ownership costs.
  • Industry-leading Cantrell•Gainco Infiniti® indicator provides easy-view display, oversized buttons and “universal” symbols.
  • The super-resilient polymeric keypad on the weight indicator is virtually indestructible.
  • Scales remain on the plant floor during washdown procedures without requiring any special handling.
  • Easy-access wiring and load cells make inspection and service a cinch.

Bench Scales

If you’ve ever wondered how you can reduce high costs, labor-intensive maintenance and unacceptable downtime when it comes to the scales in your plant, DuraWeigh bench scales are the solution!

The robust design of our scales solves performance deficiencies once and for all – including the issues of calibration accuracy, equipment durability and long-life performance.

The advanced sealing technology and super-strong polymeric keypad design of our indicators, plus heavy-gauge stainless steel base, also make our scales virtually waterproof.

Even better, our newly introduced Cantrell•Gainco Infiniti® GII weight indicator model delivers important new advancements in precision weighing such as:

  • Increased luminescence of the LED display for even easier readability
  • Decreased product settling time for even faster precision-weighing
  • Improved electronics in the new GII unit require only two boards

Floor Scales

DuraWeigh heavy-duty floor scales deliver the same degree of weighing precision and rugged dependability as our bench scales.

Ideal for applications ranging from processing (departmental transfer of trim and mechanically separated meat) to shipping/receiving (combos and cases), our floor scales give you a highly durable, accurate and easy-to-clean system that improves uptime at lower overall costs compared to other floor scale systems.

DuraWeigh floor scales feature an ingenious structural design that delivers new benefits to users. Its shock-absorbing suspended platform with free-floating chain-and-rod system ensures accurate scale calibration while minimizing the risk of damage from water and traffic. The free-floating weigh deck isolates shocks, and it lifts easily for cleaning and maintenance, too.


Gainco Infiniti® weighing indicators have withstood rigorous third-party testing conducted by Underwriters Laboratory covering key protocols, including:

  • Hot water – heated between 167° and 185° F
  • High pressure – tested from 1,160 to 1,450 psi
  • Point-blank range – a rotating fan-spray of hot water projected from a distance of 4 to 6 inches
  • Angle of attack – high-pressure water sprayed at four angles at all seams and edges of the indicator
  • Dust test – talcum powder released inside a test chamber along with a vacuum applied to a hole filled in the indicator – resulting in no dust ingress.


If you want trouble-free maintenance in a weight-based indicator, Gainco Infiniti weight indicators are the clear choice:

  • Safety – no high-voltage parts are exposed, even when the control module is removed or when disconnecting load cells.
  • Accessibility – designed for easy access to electronic components to simplify and reduce service time and labor.
  • Two-year limited warranty on our weight indicators plus controller parts.

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