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Cantrell and Gainco Join Forces to Form the Meat Processing Equipment Industry's Newest Integrated Company

March 24, 2019

Gainesville, GA – March 25, 2019 – Cantrell and Gainco have joined forces, creating a new integrated company with a heritage that dates back decades. Together, we are fulfilling our objectives to expand our presence in the poultry industry, including the ability to offer a wider range of equipment and system solutions to processors. 

Both companies have Northeast Georgia roots.  In the nearly 50 years since its founding in 1972, Cantrell has earned a reputation for designing and delivering quality products and parts that meet the needs of the industry. Among the products Cantrell manufactures are evisceration and picking equipment, second processing equipment, wing segmenters, vacuum systems, and spare parts. 

Likewise, Gainco, which was established in 1983, has built a strong reputation for meat yield optimization solutions, with offerings that include equipment and systems for weighing, inspection, trimming and deboning. The product lines of both entities have been sold to the leading poultry processors in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Each entity has also been recognized for particular expertise in certain manufacturing capabilities, such as metal fabrication at Gainco and precision machining at Cantrell. These skills have now been brought together for the benefit of all customers, along with the collaboration of design engineers and technical specialists throughout the combined enterprise to develop new products and solutions for the market.

For more information on the combined company and its capabilities, click here.

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