Cantrell•Gainco Yield Tracking Systems

Yield Management Equipment

The ideal complement for automated deboning lines

You’ve invested millions building your automated deboning line. Make sure you’re optimizing yield and throughput and getting the maximum return on your investment.

Benefits & Features

Our Yield Tracking System helps you do just that:

  • Provides real-time measurement of product yield and utilization
  • Accurately tracks performance, maximizes overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and lowers maintenance costs
  • Optimizes your throughput

For an example, we use Cantrell•Gainco weigh hoppers on the front and back end of your automated deboning line, as well as in between where one deboning function “hands off” to another. We also integrate sensors, counters and a B&R® Automation control platform to give you everything you need.

  • Hopper scales weigh incoming and outgoing material to determine yield
  • Sensors track machine utilization
  • The control system tracks all the information in real time, generates reports, and displays main KPI’s on the main dashboard

Providing real-time performance tracking and optimization...

System Advantages

  • Provides accurate, real-time measurement of automated deboning line yield and utilization
  • Captures real-time deboning equipment product carrier/ shackle loading/utilization data
  • Provides leading indicators of line performance so you can react quickly to problems
  • Drives better throughput
  • Highly attractive ROI

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Success You Can Measure

Cantrell•Gainco, your dependable ally in increasing product yields, quality and safety

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