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Cantrell•Gainco’s new Metal Detection System provides superior durability and detection capabilities, ideal for wet environments like poultry processing facilities. Our metal detection system features an IP-68/69K waterproof and hygienic design that allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. The user interface is designed for easy product setup and adjustment, along with offering multilingual communications, variable speed options, and a high-resolution display for clear detection. This versatile solution offers multiple applications for any situation, including tunnel detection, free fall, and pipe detection system configurations, which allows your team to easily find and remove the smallest metal fragments.

Benefits & Features

Noteworthy design features of the NEW Cantrell•Gainco Metal Detection system include:

  • Robust and IP-68/69K waterproof design minimizes downtime, decreases spare parts usage, and requires minimal maintenance
  • A user interface that's designed for easy product setup and adjustment, along with offering multilingual communications.
  • Online registration and logging of all activities on the machine, including rejection and operator activities

Waterproof design, intuitive user interface, and online registration...


Made of 304 stainless steel, our metal detection system has no horizontal surfaces and has watertight IP-68/69K protection which makes it the perfect machine for installation in wet areas. Our self-surveillance, extended data logging, integrated relays, and a user-friendly display make the Cantrell-Gainco Metal Detector a preferred product for the food industry for detecting various metals including iron, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Our advanced signal processing provides high and accurate detection levels, and our metal detector impresses with maximum metal sensitivity and operational reliability.

The newly developed i-mapping software adds new standards for compensating for difficult products by using a new software model that allows the detector to use several channels to detect metal and separate the signals of the product.

Product Configuration

Product Application

  • Candy
  • Packed Fish
  • Frozen French Fries
  • Meat Blocks
  • Salami
  • Sliced Turkey
  • Chicken

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