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Actions to Avoid Business Disruption


Dear Cantrell•Gainco Group Customer,

Given the rapidly evolving and changing COVID-19 situation, our intent is to run our enterprise as “business as usual” from a customer standpoint. I’d like to share with you the actions we are taking to ensure our operations and supply chain are not interrupted so we are able to meet our commitments to you. The following actions have been implemented over the last few weeks which are focused on protecting our employees, our customers, and our business:

  1. Even though Georgia has not enacted any statewide business closures, we have declared our intent to apply as an “essential business” with the Georgia Department of Labor based on being a supplier to the food and agriculture industry which has been identified by the Department of Homeland Security as a segment containing “essential critical infrastructure workers.” We have also sent letters to our suppliers notifying them that they are an essential business due to their relationship to us in the supply chain.
  2. We have implemented numerous policies and shared best safety and health practices with our employees based on guidance from federal and state governmental agencies including the CDC and OSHA. 
  3. We have implemented work-from-home policies and alternate manufacturing shifts to reduce the numbers of employees we have in our plants at any given time. 
  4. We operate out of two separate locations (formerly the Cantrell and Gainco plants) with redundant manufacturing capabilities. We do not allow employees to go between locations without executive approval.
  5. To minimize disruptions due to component shortages, we have been making the investment to increase stocking levels. We are diligently monitoring availability, lead times, and delivery status with our suppliers. We are in regular communication with numerous suppliers regarding their operational status, especially in states which have enacted non-essential business closures. 
  6. For items sourced from international suppliers, there are alternate suppliers available either domestically or internationally. If international sources are both primary and secondary, the secondary source is not the same country of origin.  
  7. Our service team is fully operational and has been trained on safe practices. They have also been provided with letters designating them as a “critical infrastructure industry employee” should they be stopped by law enforcement in states or local jurisdictions that have enacted shelter in place restrictions.

We feel our plan is solid but will continuously monitor the situation and enact additional measures as required. We will immediately notify you if any issues arise that impact our ability to deliver products or services per our commitments.

The continued operation of our industry is vital to the health and wellness of the American people. We at Cantrell•Gainco Group fully understand the criticality of our role and will do everything we can to operate without disruption. If you have any questions concerning this letter, please contact me at JoeCowman@cantrellgainco.com or 678-943-0245.



Thomas Holm


Cantrell•Gainco Group, Inc.