Thigh Deboning System

Deboning Trimming Equipment

Thigh deboning systems that provide optimum yield in any production requirement

Our Thigh Deboning Conveyor system is designed to deliver optimum yield and is easily incorporated into any size production requirement.

Benefits & Features

Each specially designed mandrel holds two thighs each. Thighs are affixed to the mandrel and then precisely cut by alternate operators until the complete yield of meat is attained. The mandrels are uniformly timed and spaced to each operator, allowing one person to become proficient at one motion and ensuring a consistent production volume and higher yield of premium meat.

The thigh-deboning conveyor is suitable for processing broiler, roaster and turkey thighs.

Moreover, the conveyor capacity can be increased easily at any time by adding additional sections. Each conveyor can be custom-fit to your operation and supplied with other product conveyors to make-up a complete system.

The equipment is constructed of stainless steel and UHMW polymer. The system is practically maintenance-free and easy to clean due to its simple design and removable covers.

Achieve high yield of premium dark meat...

Technical Specifications

Capacity:60 to 72 thighs per minute
Water Connection1/4 in.
Installed Power2 HP / 1.5 kw
'A' Length (conveyor)(varies) per customer specs.
'B' Length (Trim Shelves):(varies) per customer specs.
'C' Mandrel Centers:9 in. / 229 mm, 12 in. / 305 mm, 18 in. / 457 mm standard (other variations available)
'D' Leg Centers:(varies) per customer specs.
'E' Height:(varies) per customer specs.
'F' Trim Shelf Height:37 in. / 940 mm Standard
'G' Width:32 in. / 813 mm Standard

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