Oil Sac Cutting

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More efficient and effective oil sac cutting

Our Oil Sac Cutter is designed to remove the oil gland from poultry tails as they move along the processing line.

Benefits & Features

For the Oil Sac Cutting system, an in-feed chain guides the tail into a pinch point where the oil gland is forced into the opening of a V-shaped blade. As the tail is forced across the V-notch, the oil gland is pinched and cut away from the tail.

Powered by the overhead conveyor, our oil sac cutter can be adapted to a number of conveyor types and able to process birds on 6", 8" and 9" centers at speeds of up to 12,000 BPH.

Constructed entirely of corrosion-resistant materials, our Oil Sac Cutter ensures easy sanitation with minimal maintenance, too.

Effective oil sac cutting with easy sanitation and minimal maintenance...

Technical Specifications

Position in Line:First on eviscerating
Capacity:12,000 BPH
Rotation:Determined by facing back of bird
Width:64 in. overall / 1,626 mm
Height:Determined by shackle setup and bird size

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