Neck and Shoulder Skinner

Viscera Cutting Stripping Equipment

Quick, clean and accurate removal of skin

Our Model NS-2004 neck and shoulder skinner features a peeler roller system and a newly designed frame for better roller support. Combined with a 2-hp drive, it’s the industry’s most effective and efficient equipment for removing skin from the neck and shoulder area of eviscerated birds.

Benefits & Features

Improving on our original “neck only” skinner, we’ve redesigned the water rail on our neck and shoulder skinner to create a broader, more evenly spaced water-spraying application. The new design at the exit end of the skinner also allows for better skin removal from the support blocks of the rollers.

Constructed of sanitary stainless steel, our neck and shoulder skinners feature a pivoted mounting bracket for better support and easier adjustability. The ability to adjust vertically, horizontally and radially improves the positioning of the bird.

Our skinners are also engineered to maximize safety and hygiene. The shields on the skinner allow easy access without the need for removing, storing and reinstalling the shields during washdown cleaning. In addition, a control sensor disables power when the doors are out of the operating position, providing additional safety for operators.

Better skin removal – and designed to maximize safety and hygiene...

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Technical Specifications

Model Number:NS-2004
Capacity:140+ BPM
Installed Power2 HP / 1.5 kw
Construction:Stainless Steel
Width:121 7/8 in. / 2,096 mm
Depth:43 1/4 in. / 1,099 mm
Height:105 3/4 in. / 2,686 mm


Our neck and shoulder skinners are available for both right-hand and left-hand operation, and for different types of overhead conveyor systems.  Contact us for further details.

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