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Automatic giblet wrapper systems

Our Automatic Giblet Wrapper wraps giblets ⎼ including hearts, livers, gizzards and necks ⎼ individually at a rate of 100 packages per minute.

Benefits & Features

Located in front of the giblet holding bin, the separated giblets are placed in individual trays of the infeed conveyor. The conveyor carries the giblets to the wrapper and unloads them onto specially designed paper. The paper is folded, sealed, perforated and cut to standard size packages.

Wraps 100 packages per minute...

Technical Specifications

Infeed Conveyor Length:9 ft., 11 ft., 13 ft.
Capacity:100 Packages per hour
Type Paper Required:Giblet wrap latex, 40 lb. wt., 8 in. wide, 5,000 lin. ft./roll
Installed Power:1 x 1 HP
Net Weight:700 lbs.
Gross Weight:1,000 lbs.

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