Water Changer

Gizzard Giblet Processing Equipment

Water changer systems for easy giblet processing

Our Water Changer system for giblets uses a stainless steel screen (rodded or wedge wire) to separate the water and giblets. The screen is easily removed to ensure proper cleaning and the entire unit is constructed of stainless steel, too.

Technical Specifications

Water Connection;NoneNone
Inlet and Outlet Size:2 in. / 51 mm., 3 in. / 75 mm.2 in. / 51 mm., 3 in. / 76 mm, 4 in. / 102 mm.
Screen Type:Rodded or wedge wireRodded or wedge wire
Width:8 in. / 203 mm.8 in. / 203 mm.
Length:17 in. / 432 mm.26 in. / 660 mm.
Height:23 in. / 584 mm.32 in. / 812 mm.

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