Rotary Separators for Offal

Rotary Separators Equipment

Efficient and effective rotary separators for offal

Our Rotary Separator for offal separates water from refuse in a highly effective and water efficient process. The perforated stainless steel drum can be supplied either belt- or chain-driven. This unit is manufactured with stainless steel auger flights inside the drum to ensure the offal is moved through the separator quickly. Standard diameter is 38' although other diameters are available. The offal separator is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel.

Technical Specifications

Position in Line:Offal room
Connection:1 in. water hook up
Power:(1) 1 1/2 HP / 1.1 kw.
Capacity:According to customer spec.
Width:52 in. / 1321 mm.
Length:8 ft. / 2438 mm., 10 ft. / 3048 mm., 12 ft. / 3658 mm.,
14 ft. / 4267 mm. (standard)
Height:Max. 86 in. / 2184 mm.

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