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Auto-cleaning shackle washers

Our Shackle Washers (model CSW-4) are designed to automatically clean and sanitize conveyor shackles, hangers and ties without the need for manual labor. Adjustments can be made to clean the chain and trolleys as well.

Benefits & Features

The system's two motor-driven nylon brushes and inside water jets carefully clean all surfaces that pass between the brushes.

The Shackle Washer is USDA-approved. It can be supplied with either a detergent or sanitary disinfectant, in addition to a portable water rinse hook-up.

Carefully clean all surfaces without using manual labor...

Technical Specifications

Power:(2) 1/3 HP / .25 kw.
Water:1 in. hook-up
Width:48 in. / 1219 mm.
Length:82.5 in. / 2096 mm.
Height:60 in. / 1524 mm.

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