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The Shackle Washer WSW-100 by Cantrell•Gainco

Our Shackle Washers (model WSW-100) keep Wing Segmenter shackles clean and running at peak efficiency. Featuring a push-button operation from start to finish, they have an automatic soap, wash and rinse operation, too.

Benefits & Features

Our Shackle Washers have design versatility. They can operate connected to the Wing Segmenter System and controlled remotely through its control panel, or function as a stand-alone operation. Automated operation helps minimize sanitation time and labor requirements.

Electric-powered with a pneumatic pivot point that engages and disengages with a pneumatic cylinder, it needs to be engaged “only” during clean-up, and should be disengaged during production.

Our Shackle Washer can clean both steel and plastic shackles. The compact design of our shackle washers is configurable to meet individual customer needs, too.

Push-button operation minimizes sanitation time and labor...

Technical Specifications

Position in Line:Wing Segmenter Overhead Line/Exit Side of Wing Segmenter
Motor HP:1 HP, .75 kw.
Construction:Stainless Steel
Net Weight:225 lbs.
Gross Weight:250 lbs.
Width:Pan Size Varies
Length:42 in.
Height:43 1/6 in.
Water Connections:3/8 in. NPT

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