Head Scalders

Scalding Equipment

Head scalders to improve the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas

Our Head Scalder Model HS-1 efficiently improves the cleaning of the neck and head area by reheating, thereby allowing picking machines to work well in those hard-to-pick areas.

Benefits & Features

The simple design of the all-stainless steel construction allows for easy clean-up and eliminates rust issues.

The Head Scalder is easily accessible for maintenance and can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, allowing easy access to problem areas. Complete your installation with a set of temperature and regulating controls.

Helps to eliminate rust issues...

Technical Specifications

Connection:1 1/4 in. or 1 1/2 in. / 32 mm or 38 mm Steamline
Capacity:8400 BPH
Net Weight:175 lbs. / 75 kg
Gross Weight:310 lbs. / 141 kg
Width:34 in. / 864 mm
Length:60 in. / 1524 mm
Height:44 in. / 1118 mm

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