AccuSizer™ In-motion Checkweighers

Checkweigher Systems Equipment

High accuracy and cost-saving performance

Designed for use in harsh washdown environments, AccuSizer™ In-motion Checkweighers automate checkweighing procedures for bags and boxes along with providing an integrated reject/rework unit to accommodate over-weight and under-weight products.

Benefits & Features

Not only do our checkweigher systems reduce product "giveaway," they lower your labor costs, thus improving plant profits.

AccuSizer in-motion checkweighers are ideal for weighing a variety of fresh and frozen bagged, boxed or tote-packaged products including lobes, wings, boneless breasts, cutlets, leg quarters, drumsticks, thighs, paws and giblets, as well as selected red meat cuts.

Our checkweigher systems are so effective, they'll pay for themselves in six months or less. They're truly a "no brainer" when deciding where to invest in new equipment!

We offer various configurations including standard, heavy-duty and weigh-only options to meet any level of need in your plant.

Every system is highly flexible to accommodate your specific needs. Our engineers can also custom-design a system to meet any special requirements.

They'll pay for themselves in 6 months or less...

System Advantages

  • Dramatic labor savings – up to two operators per shift
  • Higher volumes achieved than with manual labor alone
  • Process information displayed in real-time
  • Maintenance friendly, with easy accessibility for service
  • Low installation cost
  • High return on investment and quick payback period

How It Works

With an AccuSizer™ In-motion Checkweigher system, you’ll find that the attention we pay to the little design details really does separate ours from just ordinary equipment:

  • Solid system construction holds calibration longer and more accurately. The tension and compression overload stops on our load cells improve accuracy.
  • Easy-to-read onscreen totals for over-weights and under-weights make reporting more accurate and efficient.
  • Adjustable upper and lower limits as well as weigh set-points provide added operational functionality.
  • Real-time reporting tools capture important data such as total units run, average unit weight, average unit giveaway, and total product giveaway.
  • Production data output can be transmitted to any database or enterprise reporting system.
  • Plug-and-play capabilities include a single power termination point and air connection for easy installation.


Cantrell•Gainco checkweighers are engineered to thrive in the harshest meat and poultry processing environments:

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction for rugged durability.
  • Easy-access wiring and load cells facilitate inspection and scale calibration.
  • Open-frame design leaves no place for food debris and bacteria to hide or for water to collect.
  • All key components are environmentally protected to increase parts life.

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Cantrell•Gainco, your dependable ally in increasing product yields, quality and safety

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