Parts Skinning

Cutting Skinning Equipment

The safer, more efficient alternative to hand-skinning

Our Parts Skinner provides a safer, more efficient alternative to hand-skinning methods. Although designed primarily for thighs and barrel breast skinning, options are available for other parts processing.

Benefits & Features

The 4 roller system uses a combination of stainless steel and nylon rollers to provide a more efficient operation with less damage to the product. The result is increased production and a better, more consistent grade of yield.

Our Parts Skinner can be used independently or incorporated into an existing processing line. Minimal moving parts require less maintenance and the removable covers allow easy access for equipment cleaning.

More efficient operation with less product damage...

Technical Specifications

Electrical:220/440 3-phase
Water:1/4 in. connection
Capacity:Varies with part and operator skill
Width:36 in. / 914 mm
Length:51 in. / 1,295 mm
Height:54.5 in. / 1,384 mm

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