Neck Skin Cutter

Neck Cutting Skinning Equipment

Consistently accurate neck cut

Our Neck Skin Cutter provides a consistently accurate cut by means of a circular stainless steel blade.

Benefits & Features

The system is mounted above the overhead conveyor and is driven by a 1-hp motor. Typically positioned at the end of the eviscerating line, the system can also be installed over giblet chillers, thereby allowing necks to be dropped directly below.

The Neck Skin Cutter is constructed of high grade stainless steel. Compact design requires little space and minimal moving parts, which means easy maintenance and clean-up. Periodic service is limited to circular blade sharpening and bearing lubrication.

Compact design and consistently accurate cuts...

Technical Specifications

Position in Line:After eviscerating and before whole bird chilling
Capacity:6,000 birds per hour
Installed Power:1 HP motor / .75 kw
Net Weight:130 lbs. / 59 kg
Gross Weight:272 lbs. / 123 kg
Width:29 in. / 737 mm
Height:90 in. / 2,286 mm

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