Slaughter Picking Equipment

Slaughter equipment that really gets the job done

The hydraulically operated MK-3 Killer renders a clean, accurate cut on each bird, ensuring a complete bleed-out.

Benefits & Features

Specialized guide bars position the head between rotating rollers where pressure is placed on the jaw, forcing the mouth open. This assures positioning so both the carotid artery and jugular vein can be cut by the rotating blade without lacerating the spinal cord, esophagus, or windpipe.

The positioning wheel keeps the wings and body in a fixed position, protecting them from damage.

Designed to accommodate all size birds, the Killer cuts 40-250 birds per minute.

Handles 40-250 birds per minute...

Technical Specifications

Position In Line:After Stunner
Construction:Stainless Steel
Net Weight:200 lbs. / 91 kg
Gross Weight:300 lbs. / 136 kg
Width:39 in. / 991 mm (Approx.)
Length:86 1/2 in. / 2197 mm
Height:63 in. / 1600 mm (Approx.)

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