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Cantrell•Gainco Introduces New Gizzard Harvesting Equipment


New pacesetting design delivers high-speed efficiency and gentle product handling.

Gainesville, GA, June 10, 2019 -- Cantrell•Gainco Group announces the introduction of new gizzard harvesting equipment (Model CGH-175) that is capable of processing up to 175 gizzards per minute. It is the only gizzard harvester available in the market that is engineered for 175/min. line speeds.  

In addition to producing higher yields and higher recovery than competitor machines, the Model CGH-175 is capable of processing a wider range of gizzard sizes – including those that are lost by other machines. Moreover, the machine’s spray-from-the-top design cleans out git and pebbles better than competitor equipment, resulting in less debris remaining in the gizzards.

The new machine is also notable for requiring less maintenance. Peeler rollers last up to 10 weeks, which is far longer than the 3-week life typically experienced with rollers on competitor machines. In addition, the machine’s enclosure features an “open” design for easier sanitation and maintenance access.  

Designed with flexibility in mind, the new gizzard harvesting machine can accommodate a viscera stripping unit positioned either separately, or attached. Other design features include the machine’s rugged construction for long-life durability. Its AMI sanitary design makes the harvester highly suited for washdown-tough environments. Lastly, no electric booster water pump is required, thereby reducing the energy costs associated with operating the equipment.

To learn more about the powerful performance benefits of this new gizzard harvester and companion viscera stripping unit from Cantrell•Gainco, click here.